Paris Scooters – Les Trottinettes

One thing that struck me soon after arriving in Paris was the popularity of scooters – not motor scooters, but the small “Razor” push-scooters that were popular briefly in the United States several years ago. In the U.S. they were essentially a fad, and really only among kids. Presumably they also gained popularity here in Paris around the same time; however, apparently, they never fell back out of style – and their popularity isn’t limited to young people.

It amused me to see so many “older” people scooting around on what I’d always thought of as a kids’ toys, so I started snapping photos of them whenever I could. The collage below is the result (click to enlarge).

Paris Scooters

2 thoughts on “Paris Scooters – Les Trottinettes

  1. I love this post! I am intrigued by your observation and collage. I assume the sidewalks there are well maintained. Also, I noticed the wheels on these scooters are MUCH larger than the wheels on the razor scooters here.

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